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Mandy Moore Icontest
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Hello and welcome to moore_icontest - an icontest community featuring the beautiful singer/actress Mandy Moore! Mandy has starred in numurous films such as A Walk To Remember, Chasing Liberty, Saved! and most recently Licence To Wed. A stillness community is an icon challenge community, but you can't use the effect of animation. You can put everything else into the 100x100 square just as long as it's not animation.

+ All graphic effects, such as brushes textures etc. are welcome, but no animations.
+ Don't post your icons anywhere until the end of the challenge; the icons must be anonymous.
+ Your icons must fit livejournal's requirements - max. 100x100, no larger than 40kb and in the format PNG, JPG or GIF.
+ Upload your icon(s) to a hosting site such as photobucket and post them in a comment to the challenge post, along iwth the url. Like so:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
+ Don't vote for yourself or solicit votes from others.
+ If you would like to use one of the icons please ask the maker.
+ Be creative and have fun!

We'll try to follow this schedule as best as we can but are subject to change if needed.
+ Saturday: New challenge posted.
+ Saturday - Friday midnight: Entries may be submitted.
+ Saturday - Monday: Voting.

Winners will be awarded a banner for first, second and third places along with mod's choice. Special categories such as Best Text, Best Coloring, Best Crop, etc. awards will also be given if there are enough entries.

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If you'd like to be affliated comment on this post.

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